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Keeping your cat, dog, or pocket pet healthy is our only goal at Myoma Animal Hospital. You can count on our staff for vaccines, check-ups, and surgeries.

Whether you have mice, hamsters, rats, ferrets or other pocket pets, our staffs has the training to handle a wide range of small animal health issues.

In addition to the latest technology and techniques, our staff also employs a wide range of alternative and supplemental medicine and treatments to keep your pets healthy.  We now offer therapeutic laser treatments as a drug-free alternative for arthritic issues, hip/back problems, and faster wound healing. 

Set up an annual appointment

Bring your pet in at least once a year for a check-up.

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Behavior training

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Is your pet misbehaving? Come down to our offices for a wide range of behavior training services.

Cheryl Haywood, VMD

Julie, Licensed Vet Tech

Phone: 724-432-3444


Add: 1230 Mars-Evans City Road

Mars, PA 16046-2233

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