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Laser therapy

Natural supplements

Pet diets

We now offer therapeutic laser treatments as a drug-free alternative for arthritic issues, hip/back problems, and faster wound healing.

Cats, dogs, and other animals have evolved to have certain elements, minerals, and vitamins in their diet. Our supplements can help you to ensure they get what they need.

If it's true that you are what you eat, then the saying applies to your pet too! Make sure your pet gets a natural diet of the foods they are supposed to be eating.

Healthy approach

Animal chiropractic


Our veterinarians take a whole body approach to pet health. Instead of just treating symptoms, we search for the underlying issues to help your pet be happy and healthy.

Finding and correcting muscle and skeletal issues for your cat or dog can help it to become more active and healthy over the long run.

Work with our staff to find the proper expectations for your pet's behavior. We offer an evaluation and consultation to help you and your pet understand each other better.

Helping every way possible

Set up an annual appointment

Regular visits to our office allow us to stay ahead of health issues.

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While there is a great deal of good that your pet can gain from traditional veterinary medicine, our staff reaches into a wide range of disciplines to help. With services ranging from nutritional counseling to laser therapy, Dr. Cheryl Haywood, VMD, will customize a treatment plan that works for your individual pet.