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Set up an annual appointment

Regular visits to our office allow us to stay ahead of health issues.

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Fleas and ticks

Heartworm services

Keep your cats, dogs, and other pets safe from harmful diseases — make sure they get their recommended Vaccinations and booster shots on schedule.

All pets like to scratch every once in a while, but when they keep scratching and itching, it may be a sign of fleas and ticks. Bring your pet in for a check-up.

Ensure that your kitten or puppy has a long and comfortable life without heartworms. Testing and treatments are available at our office. Set up your appointment today.




Whether for a broken bone or finding internal obstructions, pet x-rays let our experienced staff pinpoint and diagnose issues more quickly and efficiently.

When you pet needs surgery to extend its life or improve the quality of its life, trust the experts at Myoma Animal Hospital. We have a wide range of treatment options.

Just like you need an annual check-up to stay healthy and identify potential issues, your pet needs one as well. Let us make sure they are in perfect health.

Your pet deserves a long, healthy life!

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The veterinary staff at Myoma Animal Hospital maintains a high standard of care. Whether it’s a routine appointment or an emergency sick visit, you can always trust in Dr. Cheryl Haywood, VMD, to give your pet(s) the quality care that they deserve.

Geriatric care

Myoma Animal Hospital offers an all inclusive Senior Screen. This can be performed on both cats and dogs. Testing includes complete urinalysis, x-rays, glaucoma check, blood pressure check, blood work to review kidney and liver function, and blood work to check for diabetes and cancer. This testing gives a good overview of the pet's health as they reach their golden years. You also get cost savings when purchasing this package.

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