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Not all mice are pests — some make great pets! Bring your mouse in for a check-up. Our vets will check for problems and issues specific to mice.

Owning a ferret can be a bit of a challenge. Speak with our vets and staff for ferret care tips and tricks as well as complete healthcare for your ferret.

Rat care revolves around giving your pet rat plenty of food, water, and mental stimulation. Set up a consultation with our experienced staff to learn more.


Guinea pigs


Hypersensitive, rabbits must be handled with great care and made to feel as safe as possible. Let our caring staff help your rabbit to live a long and

healthy life.

When it comes to Guinea pigs, everyone loves those cute little sounds they make! Ensure your little guy is living a healthy and disease-free life with

regular check-ups.

Much like the other rodents on this page, hamsters need regular care from our trained professionals to get the most out of life. Set up an appointment for your

hamster today.

Handling all small animals


Set up an annual appointment

Regular visits to our office allow us to stay ahead of health issues.

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Dr. Cheryl Haywood, VMD cares for more than just dogs and cats. Myoma Animal Hospital also welcomes your mouse, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, or other pocket pet into the practice to receive the same compassionate care that their feline and canine patients receive.