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Setting the right expectations


Behavior training

Unruly dogs

Hyperactive pets

While we may like to think of them as little people and members of the family, animals have their own sets of behaviors and instincts. Curbing those instincts can be hard work.

With the maturity level of roughly a three-year old human, dogs can act out when their physical or emotional needs aren't being met. Bring unruly dogs in for treatment.

Is your pet too wound up? Let our experienced staff help find the root causes and find ways to burn off that extra energy in a productive, safe manner.

Food aggression



Almost every animal has a biological imperative to protect its food — your cat or dog is no different. Work with our staff to help your pet understand that you are no threat to its food.

Many animals can be very territorial by nature. With a sense of security and proper socialization to other pets and people, they can begin to welcome new visitors.

Work with our staff to find the proper expectations for your pet's behavior. We offer an evaluation and consultation to help you and your pet understand each other better.

Set up an annual appointment

Regular visits to our office allow us to stay ahead of health issues.

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If your pet has developed habits that are not ideal, we can work with you and your pet to set expectations and work to resolve these issues. With the right treatment plan, you and your pet will understand each other better to create a more peaceful environment for you both.